Lawmakers across the country have begun implementing mandatory closures of retail locations in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In the Pet Industry, over 300 associations, national retail chains, local and independent pet retailers, and a variety of additional supporters have joined together to lobby for our industry to be excluded. With your help, we can influence lawmakers to deem our businesses as “essential”. To ensure your ability to continue to service your customers, we ask that you share this letter developed by The Pet Industry Distributor Association with your local lawmakers and government agencies. It implores that all pet retail and logistics companies are “essential” and that they should be allowed to continue doing business while mandatory closures take place.

The timeliness of our effort remains vital and it is imperative that you connect with your customers, community, local lawmakers and government agencies quickly to advocate that your company and our industry, are providing the community with the “essential” food & supplies to care for their pets while taking the crucial steps to protect public health. Customers may have questions about how to protect their pets and themselves from the effects of COVID-19. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council has created an advisory page that will help provide them some answers.

Covid-19 has already had unprecedented impacts on our society and we are confident that by standing together we will be able withstand the challenges ahead of us. Thank you for your continued partnership, trust and support.

Bill Hooker
SVP Sales & Marketing

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies